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Rise and Die (12/18/17)

On one fateful day, everyone in the world received a slip of paper with a date on it. (Date as in M/D/Y) It turns out that this date is when the person closest to you dies. The slip of paper that you have has tomorrow's date. [Link to post.]

“I can never thank any of you enough. It has been a joy, and an honor to know each and every one of you.” I raised my glass to toast my friends and family. They gathered to celebrate my final day. They all cheered and wished me luck. It was the best evening of my life, and I made sure they all knew it.

The party would stretch well into the morning while they celebrated my passing, but my wife and I left early.

“You have the confirmation number, right?” She asked me on our way out the door. I nodded. I’d reserved a death suite months ago. The event happened before I was born, but every child born after is born with that same slip of paper. Humanity has adjusted. Death is normal, inevitable, celebrated as much as birth. The car drove us while my w…

All is Well (12-11-2017)

People lose the ability to dream if they have committed a murder. And you are desperate to end your constant nightmares...[Link to post.]

Tuesday. No one expects much on Tuesdays, but this particular Tuesday was a big day for me.
Tuesday, today, I get to commit murder. At least that’s how I’ve been looking at it. At night,
my dreams are only despair and horror. To keep my sanity I’ve been forcing myself to stay
positive during my waking hours. I fought to stay off the easy path, to keep my humanity.
Everyone knows murderers don’t dream.

As far as I can remember, my only dreams have been nightmares. My parents even offered
to take the blame if I murdered someone, but I never took them up on it. I stayed strong
as long as they lived. Now with them gone, I finally broke. I heard something on the news
about some child molester getting away scot-free. Why should people like that be allowed
to sleep at night when I can’t? I’ll do the world a favor.

It’s the perfect crime, because I’m not even…

Cow Puck (12-10-17)

“So why exactly is there a cow on the roof?” [Link to post.]
“Yeah, that’s what I’m asking you,” I said with a slight sigh. I burned up all my willpower trying to maintain my patience. “We don’t even own a cow. I talked to you last night, to tell you I’d be home today. Do you remember that? You didn’t say anything about a cow on the roof.”
“Wait.” Johnny held a hand up to interrupt me while his gears turned. His light brown eyes stared off into the distance. “Yeah, I remember talking to you. I told the guys it was our last night to party. They rushed over…” his expression went blank when he lost his train of thought.  
“Alright, I’ll ask them. Who’d you invite?” I helped Johnny keep his balance while he sat down.
“Tully, Puck, and Copper,” he said. He sat back and rested his head against the back of the rocker. He began moving himself back and forth gently. I vowed to punish him when he was sober enough to appreciate it. Tully and Copper were a fine couple of guys, but I shuddered knowin…