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Teamwork (5-31-18)

[WP] Years ago a human promised you their firstborn as payment - However, as you arrive to collect your debt, you discover you're not the only one they promised their child to. [Link to post.]

A tall, lean man wearing a heavy black trench coat knocked on the hospital door, then let himself into the room. Inside he found a scene he did not expect. The parents of his claim discussed something with two other people, but the mother noticed him stepping into the room. She turned to her husband in disdain, while pulling the sleeping infant closer to her, protectively. 

"Another one, Paul? Jesus how many more 'favors' did you cash in?" she hissed. Paul eyed the newcomer. 

"Dragon?" he asked. The tall man nodded. Paul turned back to his wife. "That's the last one." 

"Last one what?" the newcomer asked with a low, gravelly voice. 

"Vampire," Paul pointed at another man wearing an elegant red business suit, with gold pinstripes and bu…

Startwatch (5-30-18)

[WP]”Tomorrow is a brand new day.” [Link to post.]

"Good morning, let's get right to business," Lawrence said. The greying commander spoke to his small team of physicists and other assorted scientists gathered in the briefing room. "Last night's votes have been tallied, though I haven't checked the results yet. Before I reveal the vote, I'd like to take a moment to say a few words." Lawrence stood from his seat, then paced around the room. 

"The things we've accomplished in this room are nothing short of miraculous, and I could not imagine a better crew to work with every day. No matter what result the votes dictate, I cannot express how honored I am to have worked with you up until today. If tomorrow comes, and we're still here, I could not think of a more fulfilling way to live my life," he said. The team of lab coats applauded and cheered for him. He continued after they quieted.

"Of course that brings up the question of, what…

Alien Sights (3-29-18)

[WP] Area 51 has just stared offering guided tours... [Link to post.]

"Folks, I hope you all are as excited as we are," the tour guide in a bright yellow Polo shirt said. He greeted the gathered crowd in an open hangar bay. He smiled. "We've spent a lot of time and resources to put his tour together, but we think it'll benefit everyone. My name is Tad, and if you've got any questions all you have to do is say, 'Hey Tad, I've got a question.' alright?" he gave a practiced laugh, though not a single one of the guests cracked a smile.

"I promise you folks are going to see some wild things, but safety first. This is still technically a 'SECRET' base," Tad used air quotes. This time he heard a couple of chuckles in the crowd, and smiled to himself. "So on your way in we equipped each of you some safety equipment. Does anyone have any questions about how it works?" A dark skinned woman with golden eyes raised her hand. 


Stranger and Stranger (5-28-18)

[WP]Everyone switches physical location with another random human every 24 hours. [Link to post.]

"Reminder: Global Swap in 30 minutes. Please make the necessary arrangements," Rothe's personal node, a thin, small, transparent rectangle of glass reminded him. He dismissed the on-screen notification with a swipe and sighed. 

"Just enough time for a shower," he decided. He forced himself to get out of bed, and took the time to make it up again for the next person. While he showered he tried to plan his day, a challenge in itself. No one knew when the Global Swap began, but Rothe knew the world adapted before he was born.  Rumors abounded about a time before the swap, but that world sounded horrible to him. He finished his shower, and left the bathroom as clean as he could, then dressed himself with enough time to leave something for the next person.  He sat down at the breakfast bar and began to record himself with the community node. 

"Good Morning, stranger! …

Roaring Success (5-27-18)

"Look around your HUD. You're a Beastmaster, so it should be easy to find," Dread heard Dirge's advice through her helmet. She skated as fast as she could to complete her lap and try and push Jelly_Jim across the starting line, even if she did not manage to knock him down.

"I have been," she replied. "Hey, that's new."

"What? Did you find it??" Dirge asked eagerly.

"No, but some new abilities are available now that weren't before," Dread said. In the back of her mind she heard the constant announcements from the scoreboard.

"Sleepers." Every time a zombie crossed the starting line Jelly_Jim earned more zombies.

"Oh yeah! Just like he gets a card every time he finishes a lap you get resources too. You probably didn't notice it cause you fell over the line," Dirge giggled.

"Cool. I need to slow these zombies down. I have an idea, but first I have to stop him from making more," Dread said…

Imagine That (5-26-18)

[WP] You've had an imaginary friend ever since you were a small child. You still see and interact with them even as a teenager even if no one else can. They are your oldest friend and closest confidant. Starting today, everyone can see them too. [Link to post.]

"I think Karen saw you," Maria spoke to the bathroom mirror. A freckled girl with coppery red hair stood behind her own dark haired reflection, but she knew the girl did not have a physical presence. The red-head shook her head.

"Nah, you're the only one that can see me," Amber, the freckled girl said. Maria knew Amber was right, she invented the pale girl to be her friend when no one else would. It surprised her that Amber stuck around until high-school, but after learning how to communicate with her in public without making a fool of herself she enjoyed having Amber's company at school. "Hey, let's get back to class," she added. It amused Maria that her imaginary friend was the resp…

Due Time (5-25-18)

[WP] You have a small keyring with a button on it. When you press it, everyone except you freezes in time until you press it again. You've frozen everyone in time, but you drop it and break it. [Link to post.]

Denny Blake chuckled to himself as he pulled into an empty parking spot in front of his boss' car about to claim the spot. He got out of the car and headed towards the office before he started time again, just to see his boss' face. His hand snaked into his pocket to press the button to get time moving again. Denny waved at the angry man cursing inside his car and hitting his steering wheel as he walked by.

Denny opened and closed the small device in his pocket as he walked to his cubicle. He did not know when or how it landed in his possession, but he knew he'd been using it for at least a year. The smooth, cool metal case resembled a Zippo lighter; but, instead of a flint wheel and eyelet for the flame the gadget sported a single red button. He reached his desk, …

Unexpected Choice (5-24-18)

[WP] You are a low-class citizen, struggling to live paycheck to paycheck. Luckily or unluckily for you, a new market emerges from the birth of a new invention: a machine that can transfer lifespan from one person to another. [Link to post.]

"Don't worry about a thing, Mr. Fuller," the young dark haired nurse said as she affixed the straps around Sean Fuller's arms. He rested in the metal chair and stared at the bright orchid arrangement resting on a nearby desk. The faint scent of vanilla around the nurse helped put him at ease while she worked. "This is just a quick test to see if you're compatible with the process. Every person has reported some sort of discomfort, however never anything more than a stinging sensation. If you become too uncomfortable please let me know and I'll stop the machine, okay?" she asked. Sean nodded.

"What happens if I'm not compatible? Do I still get paid?" Sean asked. A million dollars for one year of his …

Taking a Seat (5-23-18)

[WP] For centuries werewolves, vampires and zombies have hunted together, and werewolves get the flesh, vampires the bones and zombies the brain, and this system works perfectly until [Link to post.]

"They expect us to just roll over and give them a cut?" Adam Fenwick voiced his concern to the other two council members gathered at the small, elegant, round wooden table. They sat in a shadowed, private room at the back of a restaurant. "Our partnership has been very lucrative over the past few centuries for our peoples. How does adding a fourth seat to our table help us?" He asked, then sat back and made a show of fidgeting with the golden moon pin he wore on the lapel of his dark suit.

"I agree with the wolves," the zombie representative spoke with a smooth, electronic male voice. He remained in the shadows, but a faint blue glow emanated from his left eye. 

"You take our gifts, but refuse us your support?" Dralio the vampire asked the zombie. The …

Helmut's Choice (5-22-18)

[WP] It's time to make a choice: You can save your family, or you can conceal your illegal cybernetic enhancements. Tonight, you can't do both. [Link to post.]

"If you fail to cooperate, your lovely," a masked man caressed Helmut Stein's wife along her cheek. "... lovely family will regret it." The video ended with Helmut's two children being dragged out of the camera's view while struggling and kicking their legs, then the scene went black. Helmut punched his solid marble desk in anger; his metal arm caused the desk to fall apart in pieces.  He knew he did not have a choice.

Helmut opened the storage closet in his lab and began gathering parts. He grabbed enough parts to shut the thugs up, they only wanted his tech. If he played his cards right he could catch them by surprise, and get them off his back for good. He filled three large plastic totes and loaded them in his van. He pressed the redial button on the prepaid cellphone that came with the…

Freeing Meal (5-21-18)

[WP] You just have to go in there, get the package, and come out. Easy-peasy. [Link to post.]

Terry Mullins stared out the car window at the unassuming Chinese restaurant. He eyed the full parking lot and wished he could choose a better time frame. Some time darker, and not so in the middle of the weekday dinner rush. He turned back to face the rotund thug sitting in the driver's seat with a shotgun resting on his lap, barrel pointed at Terry.

"What if-" Terry began to ask, but the enforcer cut him off. 

"Go in there, get the package, come out," he repeated. The only words he said to Terry since the big boss sent Terry on this errand. 

"Right, just double checking." Terry said, then looked out the car window again. 

"Today's Monday," the driver said. Terry turned around and nodded.

"Yeah, it is," Terry said, confused.

"I watch football every Monday, all season. I never miss it." He focused his gaze and locked eyes with Terry…

Dread vs. Jelly_Jim (5-20-18)

[OT] Sunday Free Write [Link to post.]
Dread reached the Derby track and stepped across the boundary with her right foot. Her black and gold motorcycle boot attracted a stream of nanos from the track like a magnet pulling metal filings. They flowed from the smooth white surface to assemble themselves into a column of wheels along the sole of her boot. She completed the step, then she used her left foot to push herself forward. Once her other boot crossed the boundary it gained its own wheels and she skated to her position at the starting line, next to Jelly_Jim. Dread’s helmet coalesced around her head; it covered her bone-white spiked hair and tiger ears. The front of her helmet displayed a sugar skull logo decorated with golden flowers.

“First time. What am I in for?” Dread spoke into her helmet to ask Dirge. The shorter, curly haired girl stood at the sidelines to watch the match. A buzzer sounded from the floating scoreboard in the center of the half-mile, oval shaped track. Jelly_J…