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Devilish Birthday (11-15-17)

"Come on, dude! I don't believe you." "I'm telling you, I'm half demon." "Oh yeah, next you'll be telling me Satan was your dad." "Actually..." [Link to post.]

“Actually… no. It’s not like he’s the only demon ever. Hell’s a big place. If Satan were my dad, I’d like to think i’d be a bit better off.” Eric gestured around at his tiny room in the mobile home.  “It’s just some no name loser demon that got busy with my mom, then went back to hell I guess.” He shrugged.

“So you’ve never met him?” I asked Eric. He invited to sleepover, and said he needed to talk. “Then how do you know? Do you have any proof or anything?”

“Yeah, that’s why I invited you over. I wanted to show you.” Eric took off his shirt and turned his back to me. Thick red scales were growing on the center of his back. The skin around his shoulder blades was red and tender. “My mom says I’m probably going to get wings.” He put his shirt back on and sat down to stare at the floor. I wanted to reassure him.

“Hey man, wings are cool. I wonder if you’ll be able to fly,” I said. I moved from the chair onto the floor next to him.

“I don’t want wings! I don’t want any of this.” He whined while he picked at the ragged carpet on the floor.

“Have you tried not being a demon?” I asked with a smile, and he glared at me.

“Very funny, dude.”

“No, I’m serious! I mean, like have you talked to your mom about it. Does she know you don’t want to change? Maybe she can get in touch with your dad and he’ll know a way.”

“If my mom could get in touch with my dad, she’d have done it already.” He said simply. I felt like an idiot.  

“Oh yeah. Sorry.” I patted his back, and shuddered involuntarily when I touched his scales. They caught me by surprise, and I was glad he didn’t notice I flinched. I steeled myself and patted his back some more to show him I didn’t care about the scales.

“But like what about an exorcist? I don’t know. There’s gotta be a way.”  He shook his head.

“It’s too late.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. Tears streaked down his face.

“My mom says that i’m going to change tomorrow, because it’s my 14th birthday, but she doesn’t know what’s going to happen.”

“Whoa. Well, hey. Thanks for inviting me over. I appreciate being a part of this.” I ran out of things to say, luckily a soft knock came through the door.

“Eric?”  His mom asked. Eric stood up and opened the door.

“Yeah mom?”

“I got a message from your father. He said he was going to come visit you tomorrow for your birthday.”She said, crying.

“REALLY? THAT’S GREAT!” Eric jumped up and down and gave his mom a big hug.

“Listen honey, please. There’s something you need to know.” She placed her hands on his shoulders trying to calm him down.

“What more is there to know? I already know my dad is a hell demon.”

“I know I told you that he was a loser hell demon, I’m sorry. I lied to you.  Satan is your father, and he’ll be here tomorrow.”

“Thanks for the invite Eric. I’ve gotta head home. I’ll see you around.”


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