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Swingin' Mind (11-7-2017)

You have telekinesis. You're not a hero, and so you live a normal mundane life, with telekinesis. [Link to post.]

I sighed and shut off the alarm buzzing from my phone. It was Tuesday, but that didn’t matter. All the days blurred together into one giant, boring, nothing of a life. I picked myself up out of bed, literally. If there’s one good thing from boring days, it’s all the time I had to master my powers.

My telekinesis grew so much, I tended to treat it like an extra pair of hands more than anything. Really strong hands, that had no trouble carrying my body through the air to the bathtub. Getting out of bed is infinitely easier when you don’t actually have to move. I had started the warm water running before I arrived. I let myself dip into a warm bath and thought about my plans for the day.

I relaxed in the bath while shampoo lathered itself on my head. I needed to visit the store, luckily I had the funds to pay for things properly. I liked paying for things when I could, because more often than not, I couldn’t. I’d stolen more groceries than I cared to admit, but only when it was a necessity. I’ll freely admit it, I’m no hero.

When I felt clean, I finished off the bath with what I liked to call “the mysterious stranger.” I’d heard a few guy friends talk about sitting on your hands before having a wank. I skipped that part and just used gentle touches with my telekinesis. I finished, dressed, and headed out to the store.

I was a regular at the store, and knew most of the employees. A couple of the cuter girls even knew about my abilities. One of them, Crystal, was working today. She smiled broadly at me when I stepped in. She was ringing up a customer, but I saw a familiar gleam of mischief in her eyes. I ignored it and went shopping. While I was in one of the aisles I got a text message from her.

“I’m so bored. Brighten up my day before you leave, please?” I read the message and smiled. I replied.

“What’s in it for me?” A couple of minutes later while putting cereal in my cart I got a reply.

“I talked to Lori. We both want to thank you, tonight.” Lori, the other cute girl that knew about my abilities. While I imagined the possibilities another text came through from her. “It’ll be a great foursome! She and I with you and your mysterious stranger.”  That sounded like a good time. I walked to the end of the aisle, where I could see Crystal at her register. She had her back to me. I waited for her line to die down. When she had no customers I swatted her apple shaped bottom, mentally. She jumped and turned around. When she saw me she smiled, then turned her back to me again.

Mundane isn’t so bad.


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