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r/Writingprompts May 2018

05-01-2018: [WP] “You dropped this.” A stranger hands you a folded piece of paper, and vanishes into the crowd before you can say that it isn’t yours.

05-02-2018: [CW] Write three stories: Two that appear unrelated and a third that ties them all together. Use a combined 1,000 words or less.

05-03-2018: [WP] A genie appears to you and your partner of 60 years in your final days. He says he will allow one of you a new start as a 20 y/o. The catch is you’d lose all memory of your partner and it would only be one of you.You tell the genie not a chance. You’re shocked when your partner takes the deal.

05-04-2018: [EU] As an unexpected twist to boost ratings, the zombie apocalypse breaks out on a TV sitcom (Friends, The Office, Parks & Rec, HIMYM, etc.)

05-05-2018: [WP] It started when your kids came home from school with it. Then, it was the main story on the news. Then, it was unavoidable. You’re not sure what to do about it. It seems to be everywhere now.

05-06-2018: [WP] Sunday Free Write  [Hugoverse]

05-07-2018: [WP] A corrupt prosecutor wakes up in the body of the innocent man he just convicted.

05-08-2018: [WP] After checking into an inn and waking up the next day, the scenery out the window is pitch black. The inn's manager insists that no one goes outside.

05-09-2018: [WP] You're babysitting.  [Hugoverse]

05-10-2018: [OT] Theme Thursday - Media Prompts: Female Vocals [Hugoverse]

05-11-2018: [WP] Earth was the crash site of a human escape ship that was lost. It is not until the modern era that the rest of humanity has found us in an exploratory mission.

05-12-2018: [WP] Even monsters have stories. Tell me yours, wanderer, I wish no harm to you. [Hugoverse]

05-13-2018: [OT] Sunday Free Write [Hugoverse]

05-14-2018: [CW] Write a fairytale in the style of a superhero origin story.

05-15-2018: [WP] You've been walking all day, so you decide to take a rest on a nearby park bench. Once you do, a man in a black suit comes out and drops a briefcase by your feet before nodding and walking away. You notice a note attached to the case... 

05-16-2018: [WP] Future seers tend to be very successful, but every one of them turned to the dark side eventually and became history's worst mass murderers, tyrants and dictators. One day, you saw into the future, thousands of years into the future. You decide to use this knowledge for good.

05-17-2018: [WP] A homeless guy that you see everyday on your way to and from work always holds up a sign that says, "The Aliens are coming!" One day, as you're coming home, you see that he has added something to his sign. Now it says, "The Aliens are coming! They'll be here tomorrow!"

05-18-2018: [CW] Write a story in which the narrator can only use words the characters have used. Or the converse: The characters can only use words the narrator has used. [Hugoverse]

05-19-2018: [WP] You're a shopkeeper by day and a dungeon delver at night. A customer comes along and asks for a unique item. You don't have it, but you know where to find it, and it won't be easy to get. [Hugoverse]

05-20-2018: [WP] Sunday Free Write [Hugoverse]

05-21-2018: [WP] You just have to go in there, get the package, and come out. Easy-peasy.

05-22-2018: [WP] It's time to make a choice: You can save your family, or you can conceal your illegal cybernetic enhancements. Tonight, you can't do both.

05-23-2018: [WP] For centuries werewolves, vampires and zombies have hunted together, and werewolves get the flesh, vampires the bones and zombies the brain, and this system works perfectly until 

05-24-2018: [WP] You are a low-class citizen, struggling to live paycheck to paycheck. Luckily or unluckily for you, a new market emerges from the birth of a new invention: a machine that can transfer lifespan from one person to another.

05-25-2018: [WP] You have a small keyring with a button on it. When you press it, everyone except you freezes in time until you press it again. You've frozen everyone in time, but you drop it and break it.

05-26-2018: [WP] You've had an imaginary friend ever since you were a small child. You still see and interact with them even as a teenager even if no one else can. They are your oldest friend and closest confidant. Starting today, everyone can see them too.

05-27-2018: [WP] Sunday Free Write [Hugoverse]

05-28-2018: [WP]Everyone switches physical location with another random human every 24 hours.

05-29-2018: [WP] Area 51 has just stared offering guided tours... 

05-30-2018: [WP]”Tomorrow is a brand new day.”

05-31-2018: [WP] Years ago a human promised you their firstborn as payment - However, as you arrive to collect your debt, you discover you're not the only one they promised their child to. 


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