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r/writingprompts April 2018

04-01-2018: [WP] Sunday Free Write [Hugoverse]

04-02-2018: [WP] A spider dangles down from the ceiling in front of you, but just out of reach. You hear a quiet voice say, "So what are you going to do now?" [Hugoverse]

04-03-2018: [WP] You have a pair of indestructible glasses that allow you to see 5 years into the future as though a zombie apocalypse had started. You cannot interact with this world but people you can see can also see you.

04-04-2018: [WP] ”Everyone here has their story” she said, looking around her. ”So what is yours?”  [Hugoverse]

04-05-2018: [WP] You are determined to propose to your partner for 3 years. Nothing can stop you. Well, maybe one thing... [Hugoverse]

04-06-2018: [WP] I didn't want to start this fight, but I'll finish it. [Hugoverse]

04-07-2018: [WP] Children who die at a young age are given a very special role in the afterlife: they become invisible friends, assigned to other children who need them back in the living realm. 

04-08-2018: [WP] Sunday Free Write [Hugoverse]

04-09-2018: [IP] Cybermonk (Story Here) [Hugoverse]

04-10-2018: [WP] You are a Villain. Your superpower is the ability to heal all wounds.

04-11-2018: [WP]One of your relatives just died. You help cleaning and emptying their house. While in the attic, you find something unusual. [Hugoverse]

04-12-2018: [WP] An abandoned baby was found in your doorstep. As they grow up, you start noticing the increase of supernatural activities in your house.

04-13-2018: [WP] You stumble upon a shrine and accidentally summon a god. He will not let you leave until you offer him a body to possess.

04-14-2018: [WP] In the distant future, prisoners have their brains extracted and uploaded into a computer system in order to save space and maintain peace within prisons. 

04-15-2018: [WP] Sunday Free Write [Hugoverse]

04-16-2018: [WP] Burying my mother was difficult on the family. Burying her again was harder.

04-17-2018: [WP] Your kid walks into the living room with a unicorn trailing behind him. With pleading eyes, he goes, "I swear, he followed me home. Can we keep him?"

04-18-2018: [WP] Your coworkers are disappearing and you find out that your boss is a vampire, but there's still hope, someone you work with is secretly a werewolf, the janitor.

04-19-2018: [WP] They fear the light. [Hugoverse]

04-20-2018: [WP] "Tag you're it!" She giggled. "See you in a hundred years!"  [Hugoverse]

04-21-2018: [WP] "Let's just blow it up and call it a day." [Hugoverse]

04-22-2018: [WP] Sunday Free Write [Hugoverse]

04-23-2018:  [WP] Your job as a researcher in the facility isn't too bad. The hours are shit and the coffee maker is broken, but at least the people are nice. And the job is easy: talk to the telepathic spider, run some tests on the witch, give the eldritch god his daily newspaper, basic stuff. Describe your day. [Hugoverse]

04-24-2018: [WP] "The jailer is the key, kill him and you'll be free..." [Hugoverse]

04-25-2018: [CW] Flash Fiction Challenge! Location: A Museum | Object: Lemonade [Hugoverse]

04-26-2018: [WP] You wake up alone in a motel room with no idea who you are, where you are, or how you got there. On the bedside table is a map and a choose your own adventure book.

04-27-2018: [WP] Whenever a baby is born, he or she is taken to The Armory, an ancient alien temple where each child has a unique weapon bestowed upon them, for use their whole lives. You were given a key.

04-28-2018: [WP] The first fully immersive online VR game has released in which anything is possible. After months of saving you eagerly log in and hit 'random server.' [Hugoverse]

04-29-2018: [WP] Sunday Free Write [Hugoverse]

04-30-2018: [WP] You are able to see how long every person you come across has to live. As you walk through the city you come across someone with only one hour left.


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