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r/writingprompts February 2018

02-01-2018: [WP] You have discovered the truth - there aren't 7 billion people on earth.

02-02-2018: [WP] Write a story about anything, using every single character on your keyboard. [Hugoverse]

02-03-2018: [WP] The homeless population is disappearing and the food shortage is ending all thanks to the new factory. You think something is up and sneak into the factory, but you are surprised by what you find

02-04-2018: [WP] For as long as you can remember, your dad has had one big rule: never, EVER go into his office. It's always been locked, so you've never tried. One night, your dad leaves his office, and leaves the door unlocked. Your curiosity gets the better of you. You enter his office.

02-05-2018: [WP] Investigating a impact crater, you discover that the meteorite is actually alien technology... and a marketing gimmick.

02-06-2018: [WP] You're just an average guy with a passive super power - whenever something is about to hurt you, time slows to a crawl so you can escape to safety. You've been running for 5 minutes now, time is still moving like molasses.

02-07-2018: [WP] You are a barista at a cafe where rather than ordering a shot of espresso with their coffee, customers can order shots of various temporary super powers.

02-08-2018: [WP] The narrator was running late and just showed up to a story already in progress. He doesn't know who the heroes or villains are or even what genre this is.

02-09-2018: [WP] Reality is my playground... [Hugoverse]

02-10-2018: [WP] Super Powers exist but it's animals, not humans, that have them.

02-11-2018: [WP] A serious story where every sentence manages to contain the name of a fruit.

02-12-2018: [WP] A man approaches you with a bottle of pills and says he'll pay you $100,000 for each pill you take. You've been taking them for 15 days now and nothing has happened.

02-13-2018: [WP] You awake in your bed as usual, only to find out that everyone else on earth disappeared without a trace. Loneliness is slowly driving you insane, until one day... 

02-14-2018: [WP] Unlike most stories, the world has actually listened to the prophecy of a Dark Lord rising in a thousand years. The world however, uses this time wisely in preparation for today, a thousand years later.

02-15-2018: [WP] You’re a detective on the trail of a serial killer. You’ve finally found a living witness but unfortunately, even talking goldfish still have terrible memories.

02-16-2018: [WP] The rules of d&d are integral to everyday life and we have to roll for ability checks, for example to check when someone is lying.

02-17-2018: [WP] "Um, Honey, did you teach the baby Latin?"

02-18-2018: Sunday Free Write

02-19-2018: [WP] You pull the rusty knife out of your chest and watch you skin pull itself back together, “Hey not bad,” you say, “the last guy trying to win the bounty didn’t make it through the front door.” [Hugoverse]

02-20-2018: [WP] I sigh. ''No, it won't work like that. You have to really mean it!''

02-21-2018: [WP] "Welcome, we are so glad you are here. We've been expecting you." "What, where am I?" [Hugoverse]

02-22-2018: [WP] You and your arch-rival have the power of reincarnation. You have been finding and killing each other over and over since the dawn of pre-historic man, until modern times.

02-23-2018: [WP] "Make sure you lock your bedroom door tonight." My mother said. "It's that time of the month again." 

02-24-2018: [WP] You have super-human beginner's luck, the first time you try something you're the best at it. But only the first time.

02-25-2018: [WP] An expert hypnotist can manipulate people to do whatever he/she wants. But this time, the hypnotist unknowingly tries to manipulate someone with a split personality.

02-26-2018: [WP] You are Placebo Man. Your powers are whatever people nearby you believe you have. 

02-27-2018: [WP] "Excellent choice, we shall transport you immediately," the voice says as you step back from the console labelled PERSONAL UNIVERSE RELOCATOR. [Hugoverse]

02-28-2018: Flash Fiction Prompt- LocationThis Illustration By Deviantart user Bejzar! | Object: Some glass beads. [Hugoverse]


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