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r/writingprompts June 2018

06-01-2018: [WP] You and your wife just had your first child. The thing is... the baby was born with bright, pink, spiky hair. Your child is a Main Character. 

06-02-2018: [WP] In your house there is a window that cannot be opened. When you look out from that window, you don't see your world. [Hugoverse-Fringe]

06-03-2018: [OT] Sunday Free Write [Hugoverse]

06-04-2018: [WP] Dragons only kidnap legitimate princesses - as such, to cement their legitimacy, both sides in a civil war seek their daughter to be taken by the local dragon. [Hugoverse-Underworld]

06-05-2018: [WP] A warrior swears blood vengeance against a time traveler from the distant future. Well aware of where and when their quarry has escaped back to the warrior approaches a feared vampire seeking the curse of immortality that they might live long enough to enact their revenge.  [Hugoverse-Underworld]

06-06-2018: [WP]The demon hordes have finally been vanquished, and the legendary Hero-King has slain the Lord of Darkness. As prophecies foretold, the sun god descends to reward "the bravest and most heroic" - but he walks right past the Hero-King, and instead approaches a common soldier from the rank and file. [Hugoverse-Fringe]

06-07-2018: [WP] Even the strongest magicians are scared of you. Why? Because you are the "Gunmancer"

06-08-2018: [WP] "You're the 12th assassin we've had to send in this year. Try not to get killed." Their hands traced over the file. "It's a kid."

06-09-2018: [WP] I picked up a hitchhiker last night. He seemed surprised that I’d pick up a stranger and asked “Thanks, but why would you pick me up? How do you know that I’m not a serial killer?” I turn and tell him that the chances of two serial killers in one car would be astronomical.

06-10-2018: [OT] Sunday Free Write [Hugoverse]

06-11-2018: [WP] Depending on the level of the spell and the mage, spells can frequently fail. You've earned the nickname 'Fizzle' because even your low level spells often fail, and your greatest desire is to discover why. [Hugoverse-Fringe-AlterNet]

06-12-2018: [WP] On Tindr, you see a picture of the cutest girl you've ever seen. She looks so friendly and nice, and every outfit has a different flower pattern. Your interests look to be the same: there's only one problem. Her job is listed as "the God of Death." You think it's funny. But now you've matched.

06-13-2018: [WP] In a crime-ridden city, only fools dare to mess around with the Blackrose Church. This is the story of how you met the Blackrose Nun and her followers. May God have mercy on your enemies' souls. [Hugoverse-Fringe-AlterNet]

06-14-2018: [WP] an essay written by a fantasy student

06-15-2018: [WP] The prisoner is lead on the platform. The crowd is unusually quiet. As the noose is placed around the neck, a tear drops from the executioners eye. With a muffled "Thank you", only meant to be heard by the condemned, he pulls the lever to open the trapdoor. 

06-16-2018: [WP] You wake up at a supposedly haunted and abandoned asylum closed for its atrocities. Its walls and floors, previously covered with white tiles, were now turned green with mold and black with scum. You are a cleaning obsessed janitor.

06-17-2018: [OT] Sunday Free Write [Hugoverse]

06-18-2018: [WP] You are an immortal truck driver whose Sisyphean task is to drive until a hitchhiker kills you. No matter how insane the hitchhikers look, you can't seem to get them to do it. 

06-19-2018: [WP] The Legendary Hero and his "A" team of adventurers (a knight, a wizard and a ninja) have been captured by the Dark Lord and now it's up to his "B" team (a bard, a thief and jester) all lead by the Hero's mom to rescue them and defeat the lord of darkness once and for all. [Hugoverse-Fringe-AlterNet]

06-20-2018: [WP] You have a shoulder angel and a shoulder devil. This is somewhat unusual, but what makes it worse is that everyone else can see and talk to them.

06-21-2018: [WP]: ”Well, this may shock you,” your patient says. You don’t expect to be shocked, people come to you with the strangest ailments. He reaches to touch the fake plant on your desk. It withers and dies.

06-22-2018: [WP] You Are Lord Death. After Eons Of Work, You Decide To Take A Vacation, And Let Your Assistant Take Your Spot In Your Absence.

06-23-2018: [WP] You are the greatest villain in the world. When you come face to face with your only rival, he says, “Do you want to grab a coffee before we start? I’ve haven’t eaten all day.”

06-24-2018: [OT] Sunday Free Write [Hugoverse]

06-25-2018: [CW] Tell a story that's only told through patch notes.

06-26-2018: [WP] Millennia ago a witch cursed your family with bad luck for 1000 generations. You are a child of the 1001st generation and the universe is trying to compensate for your ancestors' misfortune.

06-27-2018: [WP] Survivors of the apocalypse are still fighting for their lives; Whataburger seems to be doing alright though. 

06-28-2018: [CW] A short story with a plot twist using the letter "o" exactly 15 times. 

06-29-2018: [WP] You have lived on earth your whole life. One morning, you wake up in the center of a modestly sized crater, as you look about you see fields of violet-tinted grass, a faint red sun in the sky overhead, and two moons in *much* closer orbit than our own. [Hugoverse]

06-30-2018: [WP] You recently became a God. You're trying to get used to being omnipotent. It's not going very well. 


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