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Getting the band back together. (10-23-17)

It's been a long time, old friend. [Link to post]

Jenny explored Regal's cabin. Her cabin now. She buried Regal five days ago, when she came back to life. She spent her days going through his notes and trying to sort her memories. Regal's pantry was completely stocked when she woke up. She would need supplies soon, but she did not know where town was. Nor did she have any idea about what she might use for money. If worse came to worse she could hunt using her magic. She quickly grew used to using the world's magic. She practiced after sunset, because she enjoyed the colors. Before the sun went down she heard a knock at Regal's door. It opened before she could answer it.

"Regal! Supplies." A young voice said. A boy walked in the door carrying two large burlap sacks. One hitched over his back, the other in his arms. He stopped when he saw Jenny. He dropped the single bag from his arms. "You're alive?" He stared at her. He set the other bag down from his back and went to hug Jenny.

"That's great!" The boy jumped up and down around her. "Where's Regal?"  Jenny lowered her head.

"He's dead. Who are you?"

"I'm Aury." Jenny sighed. This boy definitely knew Regal. "Of course you are. But who are you? What are you doing here?" Aury picked up the bags from the floor and began putting things on shelves in the pantry. "I'm Sarah's son. When my mom died I took over helping Regal while he worked his magic on you." Aury finished in the pantry and joined Jenny in the main room. Jenny had seen Sarah's name several times going through Regal's notes. "My mom spoke about you a lot. Regal told her how powerful you used to be. Do you know magic?" Jenny smiled and flashed blue glowing eyes at Aury.

"Can you teach me? My mom tried teaching me, but she killed herself before we made it very far."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Jenny said. Aury shrugged.

"It's been years, I'm fine. But can you teach me?" He looked eager.

"I'm not going to say no," Jenny placed a hand on his shoulder. "But, I'm not going to say yes either. Not yet. I've still got some things to figure out. Once I know what my next step is, then I'll see if I can fit you in there." Aury nodded, looking slightly defeated.

"He brought you back to defeat the Demon Queen. She hasn't visited this world herself, yet. But she does have forces here." Aury said.

"I can't do it alone, I need help. Did your mom tell you any stories about SoundCrowd?" His eyes flashed excitement for a second, then dimmed again with disappointment.

"Tons! But you probably want to know where to find them. I'm sorry, I don't know any of that." Aury stuck his hands in his pocket. "I do have this though. My mom said it was a good luck charm, but I had to give it to you when you woke up. Aury gave Jenny a small, single red cube. Like a die, but with no dots on it. Jenny recognized it instantly. She smiled and hugged Aury.

"THANKS! This is perfect!" She grabbed the die and tossed it at the wall of the cabin. A black portal appeared. Jenny wondered if she should step through, or wait for someone to come through. Her answer came in the form of a question from the empty portal.

"Hello? Regal?" Jenny heard a familiar drawl. She grew excited, and shouted out.

"VEGAS! It's me! Jenny!"

"No kidding?" A white cowboy boot stepped out of the portal, followed by a short man with a long blue pony tail. Vegas had gambling related tattoos up and down his arms. A golden beer bottle with the number '25' was tattooed on his right hand. A pair of red dice tattooed on his left. Vegas looked as young as he did the last time Jenny saw him. Over 30 years ago, going by Regal's journals.

"You haven't aged at all!" Jenny shouted and hugged Vegas, he returned the hug with vigor, shaking her in his arms.

"You sure have. No offense though, you look better than you did in two pieces. I accidentally stumbled across the fountain of youth. Want some?" Jenny almost took him up on the offer, but hesitated.

"No thank you. I kind of like these crow's feet." She smiled at Vegas.

"Well, you're awake. I guess that means Regal is..." Vegas asked. Jenny nodded at him. "He was a great man. So, what's the plan? How are we going to take out the Demon Queen?"

"Do you know where anyone is? I can't do it alone. You're a great help, but we need more."

"Yeah. Dirge and Dread are actually on my world. I know where Bailey and Foley are too, but no one's seen Aurelio since you died."

"Can you round everyone up for me, please? Bring them here." Vegas bowed.

"D.D. is easy. Bailey and Foley are going to take a bit. Time moves differently where they're hiding out. You're probably looking at about five years," Vegas said. Jenny sighed.

"Can't be helped. We'll get everything ready that we can." Vegas nodded and went back through the black portal. It disappeared. Jenny looked at Aury. "I guess you're going to have time to learn magic after all."`


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