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Why to 'Kay (10-30-2017)

Something horrible really did happen on Y2K, and experts are just now starting to realise the gravity of the situation. [Link to post]

“Let’s say you’re right. Is there anything we can do about it?” Mike leaned over Frida’s shoulder and stared at the numbers on her computer monitor. She swiveled in her chair to look him in the eyes.

“Nothing yet. But being aware of it is the first step,” Frida said. She stood and gave Mike a hug. He returned the hug, and he felt warm drops of water falling on his shoulder. Her body shook in his arms while she cried silently.

“How many times have you checked the figures?” Mike asked. He also let his tears flow while he enjoyed the scent of her perfume. It smelled like vanilla.

“It’s running again. 28th time right now, it’s always the same.” Frida sighed. She pulled away from the embrace and sat down again.

“Should we tell someone?” Mike asked. He grabbed a chair and rolled it to sit next to her. Frida shrugged.

“It’s over our head, everything’s logged.” The computer finished its calculations and dinged. Frida typed the commands to start it again. “29th time.” Mike reached into his lab coat for his favorite flask. It was a monogramed titanium flask his mother gave him before she passed away.  He offered Frida a swig of whiskey. She took several, then returned an almost empty flask. Mike finished it off and tossed the flask into the trashcan.

“This ruins everything, doesn’t it?” He mused, more than actually asking a question. He stared at the flask and remembered the way his mother’s face lit up when he expressed how much he loved it. They sat in silence until the computer dinged again. Frida did not move to start it again so Mike leaned forward to the keyboard. Frida grabbed his hands and stopped him.

“No.” She pushed his hands away, then stood up from her seat. She walked to the trash can and grabbed the flask. She handed it back to Mike. “You loved your mother, right? You remember her. We can’t change anything, so nothing’s changed.” Frida shut down her computer. “I’m taking the rest of the day off, I’ll be back tomorrow.”

“How can you say that?” Mike asked. He stood up to follow Frida around while she put her things away. “This ruins everything!” Frida reached into her purse and pulled out a bottle of water. She opened the cap and and poured some water over Mike’s head. She spoke before he yelled at her.

“Are you wet?” She asked. Mike Nodded. Frida closed the bottle, and dropped it on the floor. “Gravity works.” Mike nodded. “Frida stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Mike. She pressed her lips against his, and her tongue dipped into his mouth. She caressed the front of his pants. “You’re hard.” Mike nodded. “It’s all a matter of perspective. Life is what you make of it, regardless of anything else. My thoughts are my own, as far as I’m concerned. Even if we ARE in a simulation, it’s a damn good one. See you tomorrow.”


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