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Seeing Spiders (3-22-18)

[WP] you were left for dead in the middle of an unknown forest, you pass out thinking this is it. All of the sudden you wake up and all your wounds are stitched with what looks like spider webs. [Link to post.]

Abby woke up in darkness. Despite opening and re-opening her eyes several times, her vision remained pitch black. She attempted to wipe her eyes clean, but discovered she could not move her arms. She felt a tightness around them, as if something kept her tied down. She tried to move her legs, but found them bound as well. Abby pulled at the soft bindings, then discovered she lacked the strength to free herself.

"Hello??" She questioned the darkness, unsure whether she wanted to hear a response or not. She received one.

"Hello," a small voice said to her right. She turned her head toward the sound, but no light met her eyes. She did not know who spoke. 

"Hello? Who are you? Where am I?" Abby asked, facing the direction of the first response.

"Hello." the voice said again, further to her right than she could face. Abby felt a feather touch tickle her earlobe. She flinched, but remained tied down. Her body shuddered as a result. "Who am I?"

"Help me," Abby said. Asking for help triggered a flash of memory. She remembered pleading for help as Janet, a dark haired girl, and her friends bullied her. They chased Abby into the forest, just because she was the new girl. 

"Initiation!" They yelled over and over as they kicked her curled up form. Then Janet pulled out a switchblade and popped the sharp end out.

"Help you." The voice squeaked. Dozens of other tiny voices around her echoed the first. "Help you," they all said. She felt tickles moving, skittering over her body. Abby let herself relax, somehow the sensation comforted her. 

"Why can't I see?" Abby asked. The pins crawling over her body settled into a pattern. She felt them moving back and forth across her upper left arm. More memories formed in her mind. Her arm is where Janet left her mark with the blade. Abby remembered searing pain before she blacked out. 

"I can see," the main voice said, as if taunting her. The rest of the voices agreed. "I can see," each voice said.

"I can see."

"I can see," over a dozen voices informed her they could all see. The situation began to wear on her. Abby remained unconvinced the unknown voices meant to help her. 

"I want to see!" Abby yelled. Then she could see. Her body remained unable to move, but her vision floated across a girl's body. She saw a bleeding 33 on the girl's arm, then recognized it.

"That's my arm!" Abby shut her eyes trying to make the vision go away, but closing her eyelids did nothing to block the confusing view. She remembered Janet laughing while cutting the number, Abby's favorite number, into her arm.  

"My arm," each voice repeated. "My arm." "My arm." ...  Her vision moved back and forth across the wound. each pass left behind a white silken thread. She noticed her vision darkened before each turn, and paid attention to why. Whatever she looked through appeared to burrow into her skin then out again, though she did not feel any pain. During one pass she caught sight of a spider and her arachnophobia kicked in. 

"Spider!" she screamed. Her body wriggled frantically. 

"Yes." The main voice said. "Yes," some of the other voices said. "Spider," the rest added. She realized the situation. 

"Show me my face," Abby said. She had to know why she couldn't see. Her view crawled up her arm, she understood now that she peered through a spider's eyes. Her perspective crawled up her cheek; she felt the light, pin touches moving up the side of her face. It climbed up her nose. She gasped when she saw her eye holes. White webbing sealed her empty black sockets. Sobs wracked her body.

"My EYES!" she yelled. 

"Your eyes," the main spider said. Her spun on her nose to see the rest of her body. Dozens of different spiders crawled over her body, cleaning her wounds and sewing her clothes back together. 

"But you're spiders," Abby said, the hopelessness heavy in her voice. 

"You're Spider." the familiar voice said. 


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