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Unique Conversation (5-18-18)

[CW] Write a story in which the narrator can only use words the characters have used. Or the converse: The characters can only use words the narrator has used. [Link to post.]

"Threnny! You know Lauren asked after you jus' the other day. She said to me, 'Vegas, how come Threnny don't visit more often?' " Vegas said. "Ain't that right, hon? Anyway, I nodded, cause she was right. Then I told her, 'I don't know hon, my guess is she's too busy having fun.' " 

"Come on in to the house girls, but ignore the mess. Just watch your step with the paint cans. We were renovating, but the crew bailed and they haven't replied to any of our e-mails for a while. Vegas said he's gonna give them another week before changing their luck. But you're not here to hear about that. Threnody, please introduce us to your friend," Lauren said.

"First of all, I need to tell you guys I changed my name from Threnody to Dirge. And this is my new sister Dread. Regal asked my parents to adopt her, and you know them. She's a Calavera. Dread, say hi to Sammy Vegas Jr. and his wife Lauren," Dirge said. 

"Hi." Dread said. "Dirge demanded I meet you guys before we head toward adventure." 

"Hi Dread, you can call me Vegas. I gotta say, your hair is somethin' else. The white looks good on you, may I touch it? I've gotta compare those spikes to my mohawk." Vegas asked. 

"I don't mind," Dread nodded. 

"You're gonna need to crouch. He's too self conscious to ask," Lauren said. 

"I don't know why. We all see you, Vegas. We can tell you're short," Dirge said. 

"Still taller'n you, Shortcake," Vegas nodded to Dirge. 

"Yeah, but I'm only 13. Still growing, you know? Dread, bow down and let the tiny man touch your hair," Dirge said. Dread bowed. 

"If you're done makin' fun and laughing..." Vegas touched the white spikes. "Whoa that's sharp. You're like a porcupine girl, how much product have you added in there?"  Vegas asked. 

"None. Just my soul." Dread said. 

"Now why didn't I ever think of that?" Vegas asked Lauren. "Thanks for the tip, I'm gonna start that tomorrow. I'm already set for today." Vegas touched his mohawk. "See? Almost stiff as yours. Almost."

"So what adventure are you two chasing?" Lauren asked. 

"Before Regal found her, Dread was liberating Earths from Ballisea, so we're gonna go do that some more," Dirge replied. 

"That's not a bad plan, but she ain't someone you wanna bump into. Threnny, I know you. Don't get cocky." Vegas said.

"I won't. Dread already made me promise we'd bail if we ever think she might be around. Even though no other Muerte is a match for me," Dirge replied. 

"You might be right about that, but Ballisea is a Sol, not a Muerte," Lauren said. 

"Yeah, and she's already got some strong Uniques on her side. One in particular you really want to avoid. If you ever hear the name Flutter, beat feet," Vegas added.

"Flutter?" Dread asked. 

"We're suppose to be scared of someone named Flutter? That's hilarious," Dirge laughed. 

"It's just a name, she's a Calavera too. I seen her split an Earth in two with no more effort than it took her to make a fist," Vegas said.

"So? I killed everyone on my Earth, except my parents, just by being born," Dirge said. 

"You know about that?" Vegas asked Dirge. She nodded.

"My parents don't know I know, so don't tell them. But it's kind of obvious that I'm not in my own universe when Regal shows up with Mr. Tyler every year for my birthday. He thinks I don't know they're aging me," Dirge said. 

"Smart as a whip, didn't I tell you hon?" Vegas asked Lauren. "I'll keep my yap shut. But make sure you treat Flutter exactly like you would Ballisea. Run."

"I promise," Dirge said.

"You girls want to join us for dinner before you portal out of here?" Lauren asked.

"Sure! We were gonna go get food after this anyway. I wanted to take Dread to my favorite Chinese restaurant. If can find it." 

"You're in luck, I know where she is. She keeps me updated when she moves to a new Earth," Vegas said.

"Really? Awesome, let's go!" 


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