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Dirge & Dread

Threnody (Dirge) Ingram   - #14 La Muerte. 13 years old when she and Dread start their adventure. She has long curly black hair and bright orange eyes. She wears gothic lolita style dresses. Mostly black with orange whenever she wants to add a splash of color. Like most Celestial Uniques, Dirge has the ability to open portals between Earths at will. Unique: La Muerte has a strong innate talent for magic. Dirge learned how to focus her magic through singing. Like a fantasy style Bard she can damage opponents and/or buff friends with her voice.

Dread Ingram(adopted) - #42 La Calavera. 13 years old when she and Dirge start their adventure. She has short, spiky bone-white hair and dark purple eyes. She wears a red t-shirt with a tiger and shark yin-yang logo in the center, blue jeans, and red high-top sneakers. Unique: La Calavera is known to be super strong in the physical sense. Dread's major ability manifested as a powerful sonic scream. At 9 years old he jumped into a portal hoping to save his world and parents from an invasion. He spent the next 400 years moving from Earth to Earth collecting Ballisea's orbs. Conquerors like Dread age at a 100 to 1 rate. His body only aged 4 years while he traveled, but over time gathering Ballisea's magic allowed him to grow into the feminine body she always felt she belonged in. During her 400 year travels she visited thousands of Earths and made several friends. Though, she lacked the ability to create her own portals to visit them. Now with Dirge she can go to any Earth she's been to.

Dirge and Dread eventually become core members of SoundCrowd, but first they're going to spend 100 years adventuring before they reach high school. Dread is very familiar with Ballisea's methods, and Dirge gained a lot of knowledge about Uniques from Regal. Together they're a good fit to go exploring through my universe. I'll start collecting their adventures here.

Dirge & Dread

Unique Conversation

Shattered Bones

Gearing Up

Mission Objective: Spider

AlterNet Entrance

Game Start

Dread vs. Jelly_Jim

Roaring Success

Hitting a Wall

Tutorial Start

Zero Cool

Bearly Immovable

Friends with a Zero  - external link to new site. I'm moving folks! The transition is gonna take me a bit, but it's begun.


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