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Hugoverse Timeline

Welcome to my universe. Here you can watch me develop it using writing prompts from r/writingprompts. Please note that the stories are listed in chronological order as they happen in-universe. The date shown is the date of the writing prompt. It's also worth mentioning that some stories contain NSFW language.

Rise of the Demon Queen - Find out how and why Ballisea became the Demon Queen.

  • (4-05-2018) WedBlock [WP]: You are determined to propose to your partner for 3 years. Nothing can stop you. Well, maybe one thing...
  • (11-13-2017) Zero Hero [WP]: You’re a normal villager in a fantasy town and the main hero has just moved in next door after completing his quest.  
  • (11-21-2017) Necro Romancer [WP]: You are the hero the kingdom needs, just not the one it wants. You are The Necromancer. 
  • (01-04-2018) Magitech [WP]: "Oh, don't mind those mage protestors. They're just pissed that our technology is advanced enough to emulate their spells."
  • (01-13-2018) Trash Tourism [WP]: A seemingly bottomless pit was found, for which the depth can't be determined. Over time, scores of people began using it to illegally dump trash. Many have jumped in to die, while others jumped believing that they'll find life's answers within it. Today, we learn the truth about the hole.
Sunlit Path - The life and times of Principal Regal
  • (01-05-2018) Regal Purpose: [WP] If you're about to kill someone you see what the world would be like without them. As a hitman you think you've seen everything, but this kill surprises you.
  • (01-12-2018) World of Tattoos: [WP] “You’re a man now son.” Dad leaned in whispering. “Your mother doesn’t know about this drawer.” He opened the drawer of mysteries.
  • (01-30-2018) Drafty Drafter: [WP] You have an ability where you can see people's aura telling how successful they will be in life. Today you saw a guy in rags having the strongest aura yet
  • (01-31-2018) Time of Death: [WP] You have the power to age or de-age people by stealing seconds,minutes,hour,day or years from others lifespan and than giving that time to someone else. This ability has made you wealthy. You give seconds chances to those if they tell you a good story. Today, you hear the most unbelievably one.
Death's Star  - The story of a family.
  • (01-11-2018) Raining Exposition: [WP] You have the ability to freeze time, you use this unlimited time to do whatever you want, but one day something else is moving even though time is currently frozen.
  • (01-17-2018) Death + Star: [WP] Eva calls her ability to travel between dimensions "Slip," and Slip is totally boring because every dimension is almost exactly the same until one day, one minor difference changes everything
  • (02-02-2018) Whispers: [WP] Write a story about anything, using every single character on your keyboard.
  • (02-09-2018) Beta Reality[WP] Reality is my playground...
  • (02-21-2018) Character Creation[WP] "Welcome, we are so glad you are here. We've been expecting you." "What, where am I?"
  • (03-04-2018) Holy Moly: [WP] Sunday Free Write 
  • (04-25-2018) Lemon of a Drink[CW] Flash Fiction Challenge! Location: A Museum | Object: Lemonade

Spiderweave - It's not spandex
  • (01-20-2018) Brand Name: [WP] Souls have been proven to exist and to be what makes us sentient, we just don't know what they are or how they work. Scientists begin to study them, poke them a bit, move them around, take them apart...
  • (01-24-2018) Demo Spiders: [WP] Flash Fiction Challenge - Location: An Arcade | Object: A ladybug
  • (04-23-2018) Delivery Method: [WP] Your job as a researcher in the facility isn't too bad. The hours are shit and the coffee maker is broken, but at least the people are nice. And the job is easy: talk to the telepathic spider, run some tests on the witch, give the eldritch god his daily newspaper, basic stuff. Describe your day.
Before they were SoundCrowd - Prologues for SoundCrowd members.

Aurelio's Sun - My first full Hugoverse novel. I'm currently working on writing the final version. There is a beta version available on Amazon, however it is very much a beta version. It is incomplete, and just generally... not great. There will be major changes to the final book, but the beta version introduces the idea of SoundCrowd. A team of heroes destined to take on the Demon Queen. The beta version is more for fun than anything else, but I do welcome constructive feedback.

Toku-High saga - SoundCrowd members take up teaching positions at the Nexus Academy, a Highschool for heroes. The academy trains teams of heroes for different universes. The nickname "Toku-high" sticks because of the type of heroes they train. (Tokusatsu) The principal of Toku-High is named Regal.
  • (11-29-2017) Recruitment: [WP] "Oh come on, how was I supposed to know that robbing one bank would lead to all this shit?!"
  • (11-22-2017) Picking Sides: [Flash Fiction Challenge] Location - rooftop. Object - tin can.
  • (01-10-2018) Pizza and Promises: [WP] Magic, it happens, is real; it just takes an innate talent. You and your best friend have it, and just learned about it.
  • (01-18-2018) Lucky Lee: [WP] "Are you okay?" she asked. "No," he said, "but I will be."
  • (02-06-2018) The Rundown: [WP] You're just an average guy with a passive super power - whenever something is about to hurt you, time slows to a crawl so you can escape to safety. You've been running for 5 minutes now, time is still moving like molasses. 
  • (02-19-2018) Soldier of Peace: [WP] You pull the rusty knife out of your chest and watch you skin pull itself back together, “Hey not bad,” you say, “the last guy trying to win the bounty didn’t make it through the front door.” 
    • (06-08-2018) Cactus Water[WP] "You're the 12th assassin we've had to send in this year. Try not to get killed." Their hands traced over the file. "It's a kid."
  • (05-10-2018) Lullabye & Pizza[OT] Theme Thursday - Media Prompts: Female Vocals
  • (03-06-2018) Bright Light! Bright Light!: [WP] In a world where manipulating the four elements is common, you come from a line of light users, a magic thought extinct. One day you come across a deadly situation and your powers must be use
  • (03-19-2018) School Dreams: [WP] You are a girl inside a research facility. Whenever you see someones face, the person dies. One day, a person wearing a golden mask comes to visit you.
  • (03-22-2018) Seeing Spiders: [WP] you were left for dead in the middle of an unknown forest, you pass out thinking this is it. All of the sudden you wake up and all your wounds are stitched with what looks like spider webs. 
    • (03-25-2018) Web of Lies: [WP] Sunday Free Write
    • (04-02-2018) Strength and Numbers: [WP] A spider dangles down from the ceiling in front of you, but just out of reach. You hear a quiet voice say, "So what are you going to do now?"
  • (04-04-2018) Circus to Circus: [WP] "Everyone here has their story” she said, looking around her. ”So what is yours?”
  • (04-06-2018) Weapons of War: [WP] "I didn't want to start this fight, but I'll finish it." 
  • (06-29-2018) B-Squad[WP] You have lived on earth your whole life. One morning, you wake up in the center of a modestly sized crater, as you look about you see fields of violet-tinted grass, a faint red sun in the sky overhead, and two moons in *much* closer orbit than our own.

Jenny's Sun - The final story.
  • (10-20-17) Vegas Destroys a City: [WP] There is no time left for explanations. You must destroy your city using one penny and you only have 24 hours left.
  • (10-17-17) Regal Arrival: [WP] Words are like animals. In order to speak a certain word you need to hunt it first. Most people have only a small vocabulary but one day you meet an old man who knows more words than you have ever heard of.
  • (10-18-17) Golden Mistake: [WP] pandemic "illness" sweeps across the world in which its victims all have superpowers. You don't know what yours is.  
  • (10-16-17) Rebirth: [WP] Magic is real, but casting spells requires reciting the whole word. The longer the word, the more powerful the spell is. The strongest spells can take hours (or even decades) to cast, and the strongest wizards are either really fast speakers or have great foresight. 
Schoolgirl Six - This is more of an epilogue/side story than part of the Demon Queen saga. Aurelio says good-bye. 

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